* INTERMISSION *... in design mode with NEW and EXCITING styles and looks! I’ll keep you posted on social media with behind-the-scenes process and how inspiration sparks new ideas, concepts and designs. As we journey together, feel free to chime in on what you would like to see. And as always…THANK YOU!!!!   See you soon! xo, Joy 

Hope & Inspiration

Sharing a series of images photographed by Sylvia Hardt. Images reflect my feelings about how we currently experience life. In a metaphoric sequence of fashion statements, I share my thoughts, process and story of creating a better future.

Each is set against a background astro photos of actual space galaxy, Eclipse, Nebula, stars, etc. shot by Hellmut Schulze-Wenck.

- "APOCALYPTIC" darks transition from creative streaks of Neon Yellow to "INTUITION" linear transparent Red

- "ENERGY" building and expanding to powerful allover saturated Red

-" RISE" to higher ground in Dove Grey and Angelic Whites

- "MODERN ANGEL" power to instill and invoke change.

- "HIGHER GROUND" Silver radiates, projects and reflects positivity and strength.

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