About me

"The things you think about determine the quality of your mind, your soul takes on the color of your thoughts"- Marcus Aurelius

My fondest memories are of my sister and I, drawing with 3 colored pencils and graph paper my dad brought home from work. She drew animals in forests, I drew landscapes and Barbie doll outfits.

Art class was my comfort zone. I learned to see color, shape, texture, and proportion. Immaculate shades of color created by light at sunrise and at sunset instill joy and "aha" moments. The abundant beauty in nature is never ending inspiration.

I love to spend time with my family, my fur child Pepper, and friends.

I hope that applying my creative perspective and discovery to what we experience helps make the life we live more beautiful, meaningful, better and kind. 

Fun- Yoga, Cross Fit, Hiking, Scuba Diving, Piano

Education- Carnegie Mellon University: Design

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